Getting Started

Beech Mountain Beekeeping Supplies & Honey is a family-owned business that specializes in providing the best North Carolina Honey that our North Carolina Bees can produce. We are a Honey Bee Supplier that also offers high-quality woodenware, equipment, and tools that can aid in all of your beekeeping pursuits, and we love to help newcomers succeed at this popular pastime. If you’ve ever wondered How to Start Bee Keeping, you’ve come to the right place. We provide Starter Bee Keeping Kits and general information to all who are interested. If you’d like to find out more about Getting Started in Bee Keeping, read on.

The first things that every beginner beekeeper will need are a hive and some basic tools. To purchase these, simply contact a Honey Bee Supplier like Beech Mountain Beekeeping Supplies & Honey. You can purchase these supplies individually, or invest in a Bee Keeping Kit like the ones offered by Beech Mountain Beekeeping Supplies & Honey.

Once your apiary is in place, you’ll need to find some bees. You can purchase Package Honey Bees from Beech Mountain Beekeeping Supplies & Honey. Most Package Honey Bees originate in the southern region because seasonal conditions in these warmer areas are ideal for raising bees so that they can be available for early spring in the mountains. Package Honey Bees can be used to establish new colonies or strengthen existing ones, and are often relied upon by newcomers to this industry to start off their careers or hobbies in beekeeping.

Once you have your bees and your apiary set up, your colony will begin producing honey. Beekeeping is a fantastic pastime that is ideal for a wide range of people. The time you’ll spend keeping your bees varies by season with early summer being the busiest time and winter being the least demanding. Beekeeping is perfect for those who are looking for a hobby that requires some strength but is not too physically taxing, and it produces a wonderful bounty of delicious honey.

We are very focused on helping anyone who is planning to become a beekeeper, or who has just started. We carry a full line of educational books and offer classes to help get them started. We have beginners’ kits set up to give beginners all the equipment necessary to get started beekeeping. We are willing to help with any questions you might have. The beginning beekeeper is the future of the honeybees!

More Information

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